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Check your balance and transaction history 24/7 online via the Cash Card Portal.

The Spotto card is debit card like no other on the market.
Specifically created for taxi drivers so you can access your funds sooner, in one convenient location.

*Free at most major bank ATMs.
ATM Owner fees may apply and will be disclosed at the time of the transaction.

Fares and payments

View your Spotto trips and payments
in real time - all in the one place.

An APP like no other on the market.

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*Card balance and transaction/withdrawal history is only available via the online portal. 

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Built to make your life easier

Longer Lasting Battery


A cordless terminal so you can take payments anywhere in your vehicle.
Spotto is fitted with a powerful battery that you can rely on all day.

Spotto Cash Card FAQ

Questions you might have about the Spotto Cash Card all in the one place.

You can order a Spotto Cash Card by visiting your local Spotto office, by phone or you can subit your request here

Funds will be loaded onto your card the day after you end your shift. Then, you can use it for everyday transactions wherever Mastercard is accepted or withdraw cash from any ATM within Australia. 

Obtaining, making purchases and checking the balance of your Spotto Cash Card is fee-free, although we advise you refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for additional information. 

Yes, the Spotto Cash Card can hold up to $25,000. 

Yes, you can use your card in-store or online wherever Mastercard is accepted (that includes international purchases!)

The card is exclusively designed for depositing completed shifts processed through your Spotto payment terminal only. 

In the event of a lost or stolen card or if you suspect unauthorised transactions, promptly contact the card issuer on 1300 739 889 to restrict any further usage. If necessary, Spotto can assist you with card replacement.

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