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What is Spotto PRO?

Boost your earnings with fares settled 7 days a week!

  • 5-inch screen + 4G connectivity
  • Longer lasting battery
  • Faster payment processing
  • Taxi tested and driver approved
Spotto Pro Features

Spotto. The easier way to get paid everyday.

The same Spotto you know and love on an all new, powerful, handheld device.
Take quick payments with confidence knowing every sale is secure. Every time a customer pays with Spotto PRO, you earn an extra 1% on top of the fare and get paid the very next day!

How Spotto makes life easier

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Pay you extra percent

We pay you an extra 1%

Every time a customer pays with Spotto, you’ll earn an extra 1% on top of the fare.

Spotto Pro App

Spotto App
Spotto for Taxi Drivers app available on Apple and Google Play Store.
Download the app today!

Daily Payments

Daily payments
Spotto puts you in control of your money with fares settled 7 days a week, including weekends and public holidays into your nominated bank account or Spotto Cash Card.

Bonus Program

Generous bonus programs
Recommend Spotto to another driver and get a $50 bonus. You will also receive access to promotions and loyalty rewards for using Spotto.**

Major cards accepted

Major cards accepted
Have the flexibility with the use of globally accepted payment cards. Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay and eftpos.

Cash Out Available

Cash out Available
Get cash out when you need it.*

*Available in selected states only.

Secure Payments

Secure Payments

Data security protects you and your customers

Engineered security into our terminals. We follow industry standards to keep your data safe. When you sign up you are part of the Spotto community.

Spotto Pro App Spotto Driver

Built to make your life easier

Longer Lasting Battery


A cordless terminal so you can take payments anywhere in your vehicle.
Spotto PRO is fitted with a powerful battery that you can rely on all day.

Quick set up

Hassle free. Fast and quick.

5 minute set up and no need to go through a bank. Spotto PRO is intuitively designed with no hidden costs so you can get on the road and take payments instantly.

Quick set up

Won’t let you down.

Support when you need it the most.

Works (even offline)


Built to be reliable, taking payments in those once hard to reach places.  

24/7 phone support


We’re here to answer your questions.
Call 1300 776 886 for sales and support.

Spotto FAQ

Spotto PRO elevates the in-car payment experience for both drivers and passengers, offering lightning-fast processing speed, reliable connectivity and the latest in android technology.

Nothing! There are no monthly fees,  minimum thresholds, or ongoing costs. We may require a bond payment to secure your terminal but this is fully refundable. Please speak to your local Spotto sales representative to find out more. 

Spotto is exclusively designed for taxi drivers. If you operate a hire car or charter vehicle, we’d be happy to discuss alternate solutions that align with your business needs. 

Spotto PRO accepts all Visa, Mastercard, eftpos, Apple Pay and Google Pay transactions. 

You have the flexibility to receive funds into your designated bank account or via the Spotto Cash Card – that’s 7 days a week including weekends and public holidays!


Drivers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane can also choose cash collection if preferred. 

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